Bambi (__bijou) wrote in rate_my_hair,

- name: Bambi
- age: 14
- gender: female
- sexual preference: I like guys
- ethnicity: english. i'm real white.
- location: Canada
- fave music genre: Punk, in general
- 10 or more bands you love: Cock Sparrer, Devotchkas, The Adverts, Buzzcocks, Lars and the Bastards, Uk Subs, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Undertones, and The Toy Dolls
- hobbies: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Shows, Trash.
- job: unemployed
- fave movies: The Wizard, Back to the Beach, Storm of the Century...
- fave quote: some people think little girls should be seen and not heard
- abortion: Womans choice. It's killing a baby, but sometimes abortion is just the best thing. besides, if I were pregnant right now, I'd want it gone..
- gay marriage: I don't get why people even care. Let them get married.
- anarchy: Nice dream, wouldn't work.
- drugs/alcohol: I enjoy drinking and doing some drugs in social situations. I don't think they're problems unless they're taking over your life.
- george bush: I don't care, not my country. let's discuss the government of Sweden or something
- vegetarianism/veganism: I don't eat meat, but that's mostly because I don't enjoy it at all.
- fashion aka "trendy" punks: Don't care. it'll blow over, and we'll be hated way more again
- the war: shitty
- punk music: fast, fun, i love it.
- rap music: don't dig it
- short hair: cool?
- girls / guys with mohawks/trihawks/bihawks: I have a mohawk. was gunna grow out a trihawk, but I'm thinking of growing it all out and getting rid of it..
- girls / guys with liberty/anarchy spikes: <3
- me (devotchka005): probobly cool
no recent ones of it up. but i hardly ever have it up so whatever.

I did a split hawk today:

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