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- name: Emma
- age:13
- gender:f
- sexual preference: bi
- ethnicity: to meny
- location: Mass
- fave music genre: what??..(i get confused) heavy metal...
- 10 or more bands you love: The Murderdolls, Slipknot, Jack Off Jill, Manson, Kittie, Shinedown, Dropbox, Drowning pool, In Flames, Cold
- hobbies: Skateboarding, hockey, music
- job: doing school
- fave movies: Interview With a Vampire
- fave quote: "gasp"
- abortion: only if you were raped and you couldent help it..other then that i dont think you shoudl kill a child
- gay marriage:being with cant help who you love and care for
- anarchy: dont like the govermant much
- drugs/alcohol: used to not with it any more..some times drink though
- george bush: should DIE!!!HATE HIM!!!DIE BUSH DIE!!
- vegetarianism/veganism: i'm a vegetarian
- fashion aka "trendy" punks:confused once more
- the war: hate it..wont let my daddy see me much..**crys**
- punk music: pretty good
- rap music: fun to laugh at..muahah..fucking losers!muahaha
- short hair: on guys i would rather long..girls okay
- girls / guys with mohawks/trihawks/bihawks: eh..okay..they have to be done really good
- girls / guys with liberty/anarchy spikes: reminds me of my ex boy friend..ah!!
- me (devotchka005): confusing me agin!!!!!!!!!ah!

my streaks are really red..the color on the web cam was its not pink/purple

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