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Rate My Mother Fucking Hair.

Hair down to your ass, or bald. We love it all.

Hair down to your ass, or bald. We love it all.
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Hair down to your ass, or shaved 2 skin-bald. We love hair. If your hair is fugly and it sucks, we will tell you. This IS a rating community.


- no nude or pornographic images.

- dont bitch at the mods.

- feel free to be as mean and bitchy as you want to people.

- putting your pics up here is opening yourself of to criticism, as well as compliments. BE A GOOD SPORT. Don't pout if we think your 'do is ugly. Just take new pics and post them.

- all ages, genders, races, and sexual preferences are allowed.

- this community is called "rate my hair" but even if we think your hair sucks, you don't get rejected. FOR, this is NOOOOT a rating community.

- if you are rejected, take new pics and ask us to rate those.. and so on. Basically a hair fetish community haha.

- Upon joining, fill out the survey, with pictures.


- name:
- age:
- gender:
- sexual preference:
- ethnicity:
- location:
- fave music genre:
- 10 or more bands you love:
- hobbies:
- job:
- fave movies:
- fave quote:
- abortion:
- gay marriage:
- anarchy:
- drugs/alcohol:
- george bush:
- vegetarianism/veganism:
- fashion aka "trendy" punks:
- the war:
- punk music:
- rap music:
- short hair:
- girls / guys with mohawks/trihawks/bihawks:
- girls / guys with liberty/anarchy spikes:
- me (devotchka005):