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everything is here forever

- name: kelsey
- age: 19
- gender: female
- sexual preference: straight
- ethnicity: caucasion
- location: spring, texas
- fave music genre: techno and rap
- 10 or more bands you love: lots, but i'm too lazy to list them..
- hobbies: reading, going on road trips, taking pictures, ect
- job: shift manager at lovesac
- fave movies: crash, annie, ect
- fave quote: don't really have one.. haha
- abortion: harsh
- gay marriage: doesn't bother me
- anarchy: no thanks
- drugs/alcohol: drinking socially
- george bush: worst president ever
- vegetarianism/veganism: i'm a vegetarian..
- fashion aka "trendy" punks: annoying to look at
- the war: horrible
- punk music: annoying/repetitive
- rap music: great
- short hair: cute
- girls / guys with mohawks/trihawks/bihawks: not my thing..
- girls / guys with liberty/anarchy spikes: i'll pass..
- me (devotchka005): you're sweet?


current hair:

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