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- name: Liv
- age: 18
- gender: female
- sexual preference: boys, but girls are hot too *winkwink*
- ethnicity: Mutt
- location: the middle of nowhere
- fave music genre: metal and punk
- 10 or more bands you love: too many too list but my two all time fav bands are Dir en grey and Anti-Flag
- hobbies: my boyfriend, music, concerts
- job: waitress
- fave movies: Battle Royale, Moon Child, Star Wars Trilogy, Detroit Rock City, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Alice in Wonderland
- fave quote: To smart to fight to smart to kill, join now a new army! -Anti-Flag (lyrics are quotes too! :])

- abortion: Pro-choice
- gay marriage: For!
- anarchy: Fuck the government
- drugs/alcohol: Life is short, have fun and party
- george bush: is a fucking moron
- vegetarianism/veganism: is honorable, but meat is good
- fashion aka "trendy" punks: Is disgusting and posers should be knocked off the edge of the world
- the war: Fuck war
- punk music: Good if it's real punk music and not that trendy fake shit
- rap music: sounds all the same :p
- short hair: Sexy
- girls / guys with mohawks/trihawks/bihawks: Also very sexy, my boyfriend has a mowhawk :]
- girls / guys with liberty/anarchy spikes: beautiful

Purple(also current):
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Red and Black (This isn't a very good picture but i couldn't find any other ones..also take a look at the lovely dir en grey autographs =D ):
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